Nonstop Sleeping and Creating

Sep 8, 2016 / Photography

I just finished a self-created artist residency and I’m back at work this week. I stopped posting to my blog, stopped checking social media, stopped everything and only focused on creating art.

I planned for this residency and even prepared a blog post before it happened, but I forgot to post it. So I’m rewinding time, and starting from the beginning.

Friday, August 29, 2016:

I started my artist residency this week and it’s awesome. I’m doing nonstop sleeping and creating for the next 10 days. That’s all I’m doing. This is the sustained time that I’ve been looking for, for like the entire year.

The idea for a self-created artist residency came from my colleague, Rachel Brask. She did a 10 day residency where she worked on a new body of work paintings entitled, Abstracted Rainy Moments. Rachel accomplished a lot. It inspired me to do the same thing.

I’ve set some goals for this artist residency:

  • Blog each morning as usual;
  • print 5 limited edition prints for an art sale promotion in December;
  • print 9 limited edition prints for an upcoming exhibition in October;
  • write a guest blog post for a great website,
  • create new work for Part III of A Million Suns.

Most of this new work will be bad I’m sure, but the point is to create work, and not judge how good it is.

I’m scared that I will just waste all the time away. I’m good at wasting time, so I’m going to use a pomodoro timer during this whole artist residency.

I have a tendency to read a lot so I’m not doing any reading during this residency. Reading is research. In some ways it’s a form of procrastination. I’m done with research. i just need to put my foot down and jumpstart my creative flow again.

Let’s see what happens.

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