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How many synchronicities does one person experience in a month, in a year, and in a lifetime?

Ever since I learned about Carl Jung’s synchronicity concept, I started tracking “meaningful coincidences” that occur in my life. If it can happen to me, it must happen to you too! 

I started seriously tracking synchronistic events around 2020 to counteract the pandemic pessimism. I knew of the “big ones” in my life, but I wanted to gather even the “small ones” so that I can remember them forever.

Everyone’s life is mysterious and wonderful if we pay attention to synchronicity in life.

I categorize synchronicities as life-changing, interesting, and small. I hope my synchronicity tracker convinces you to track your own synchronicities!

Life-Changing Synchronicity Examples

These are “big” synchronicities that changed my life. They relate to love, career, and life direction.

Cyclops, 2011
Cyclops, 2011. Toned Cyanotype Print

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Interesting & Strange Synchronicities

This group includes synchronicities that are small (not life-changing) but have a special sparkle and mystery to them.

Small Synchronicities

These are everyday meaningful coincidences that surprise and delight. I suspect there are tons of these in everyone’s life, but because they are inconsequential, we easily forget about them. Don’t! They might turn out to be life-changing months and years from now. Write them down in a journal! Some examples:

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