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Are Synchronicities Miracles?

“Indeed, they can be, but again only for those whose religious faith leads them to perceive the action of God in this particular episode of their lives. To call a coincidence a miracle is to place a religious interpretation on the event, but even after you have explained a synchronistic event of a miraculous cast in terms of ordinary causality, a popular pastime since the advent of modern socience—the Star of Bethlehem was an unusual conjunction of planets, the Israelites’ passage through the Red Sea was made possible through drought conditions and a freakish wind pattern that blew the shallow water aside—one still has to reckon with the subjective significance of the event for those who experienced it as a random but transformative event in their stories of who they are. For some, the word “miracle” fits best to describe this significance, for others, the description “synchronicity” allows for language that neither affirms a particular theological position nor dismisses the occurrence as nothing but unusual natural phenomena.”

- Robert Hopcke, There Are No Accidents, p204-205

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