Go on Artist Dates

What is an artist date? It’s a practice I learned from Julia Margaret Cameron who wrote The Artist Way. This book was an important one in my artist evolution. In an artist date, you take your inner artist out on a “date” to replenish the well of inspiration. It’s a way to find out what you are really excited about. Here’s a selection of artist dates that I’ve been on over the years.

You Can Still Travel - With your Instant Pot

Apr 9, 2020(edit)

Since traveling is out for now, I wanted to write about a practice that might help a little. With this idea plus your Instant Pot, you’ll be in another corner of the world in no time! I’ve also included my favorite recipes.… View More

Artist Date: Getty Center, Los Angeles

Feb 10, 2020(edit)

What is an artist date? It’s a practice I learned from The Artist Way by Julia Margaret Cameron. It’s where you take your inner artist out on a “date” to replenish the well of inspiration. This time, I go to the Getty Center.… View More

Artist Date: Centre Pompidou, Paris

Aug 12, 2018(edit)

Visiting the Centre Pompidou in Paris is like walking into a textbook. Photographs important to the history of photography were left, right, and center. Works I Loved There’s the work by Eugene Atget, famous for his atmospheric photographs of Paris.… View More

Artist Date: Artscape, Baltimore

Jul 23, 2018(edit)

The Baltimore School for the Arts, a well-known art high school in Baltimore, even had a How to Make Cyanotype demo and exhibit. That was a surprise. I looked at each print, to see if there was some effect or technique I could use in my work. [[insertimage… View More

Artist Date: Musee d'Orsay, Paris

Jul 15, 2018(edit)

This is the second of three articles that I’m writing about Paris when I was there at the end of June. This post is about Musee D’Orsay, which I think is one of the most beautiful museums I’ve ever been in. It used to be a train station. I love how spacious and airy it is.… View More

Artist Date: Louvre, Paris

Jun 29, 2018(edit)

I was in Paris for a few days last week for business meetings. I’ve been to Paris before, but that was a long time ago, and so I was really excited about going back. I only had a limited time to explore, so I chose to visit the Louvre and Musee D’Orsay. This post is about art that I saw at the Louvre.… View More

Chinese Art, Two Museums

Dec 12, 2017(edit)

I was in New York for a day trip this past weekend to check out the Fuji GFX medium format camera. I’ve been obsessed with this camera for weeks, so I wanted to see how it actually felt in my hands. It fit perfectly. I think a GFX is in my near future.… View More

Getting into New York Museums For Free

Jun 17, 2016(edit)

If you plan your visit to New York City to coincide on the first Friday and first weekend of any month, you can get into a lot of museums for free. Arriving Friday afternoon in New York, I was delighted to realize that MoMA is free Friday nights starting from around 5:30pm Neue Gallery on 5th… View More

On Jeff Koons

Sep 29, 2014(edit)

I was in New York City over Labor Day weekend, and I went to see the Jeff Koons Retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Koons is an American conceptual artist and one of the most famous living artists in the world today (and he lives in New York!). I was not familiar with his work,… View More

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