The Innovation Engine

Jun 5, 2018(edit)

I’m always curious about creativity. I want to understand the conditions that foster creativityäóînot just in my artwork, but also at work. Yesterday, I was surfing YouTube and came across Tina Seelig who created a creativity framework for the workplace. I love things that attempt to explain… View More

How Creative Are You At Work? Here are Two Indicators

May 2, 2017(edit)

“You have to be creative” is the buzzword right now in the workplace. What does that mean exactly? It’s been my experience as a back-office analyst that when your boss says this, it means ideas that haven’t been tried before. Something that delights people. Like what art does. So how do… View More

Getting Ready for the 21st Century Workplace

Apr 12, 2017(edit)

“You already think like a computer. I’m not sure why you are reading that article.” What my work colleague was talking about was a recent article from the New York Times on Computational Thinking. Colleges and universities are starting to offer courses on how to think like a computer to solve… View More

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