David Hockney

Life Lessons from David Hockney and His Views on Photography

Jul 10, 2020(edit)

David Hockney is one of the most famous English painters alive today. He turned 83 years old this week! Leading up to his July 9th birthday, I saw a couple of instagram posts about his work (from accidentalmystery on June 26th and Baltimore Art on July 5th). While I was out walking, a fountain reminded me of his swimming pool painting. Even seeing the water in the Baltimore Inner Harbor reminded me of his work!… View More

That David Hockney Painting (Or How I Ended Up Doing Collage)

Jul 21, 2014(edit)

I kept seeing David Hockney the past two weeks: first, in the Departures magazine cover for July/August; second, as I was hunting for a book to bring to the beach; and third, in a poster at a bed & breakfast place in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware! In honor of these coincidences, I decided to write… View More

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