May 2019 Studio Update

Jun 3, 2019(edit)

I spent the last two months doing storyboarding for part III of A Millions Suns trilogy. The result of all this work is an image shoot list that I aim to complete in the next 6 months. Now that I’m done with storyboarding, I’m switching gears.… View More

Impromptu Residency (Day 5)

Jul 7, 2018(edit)

An unexpected break at work led to a 5-day burst of art making. I called it the “impromptu residency.” Also, I decided to blog about it everyday. This post is day 5. You can read day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4 here. By day 5, I actually felt run down. I usually… View More

Impromptu Residency (Day 4)

Jul 6, 2018(edit)

Day 4 was hard. The euphoria of this impromptu residency dissipated, and I sailed into the doldrums. I’m on a journey after all, and the wind kind of disappeared. You can read day 1, day 2, and day 3 here. So what happened on day 4? Bostick & Sullivan Cyanotype… View More

Impromptu Residency (Day 3)

Jul 5, 2018(edit)

This post is a recap of day 3 of my impromptu residency. You can read day 1 and day 2 here. Toning with Baking Soda For day 3, I decided to keep experimenting with toning cyanotype using every day materials. Yesterday was bleach, and today baking soda. I’ve never tried baking soda because… View More

Impromptu Residency (Day 2)

Jul 4, 2018(edit)

In looking at these prints, there’s not enough contrast. The prints look faded. I will have to work on that if I’m going to use this layering process in the future. Experimenting with Value I also wanted to see how different concentrations of bleach and water affect the tones of a cyanotype print.… View More

Impromptu Residency (Day 1)

Jul 3, 2018(edit)

My day job unexpectedly gave Monday and Tuesday off prior to the July 4th US holiday (Wednesday). I then decided, why not take Thursday and Friday as vacation days? That’s what I did, so I’m off for the entire week!This opportunity is pretty rare for me, so I’m taking advantage by doing a 5-day… View More

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