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2020 Goals

Feb 3, 2020(edit)

I tried “non-goals” last year. That didn’t work. This year I’m going back to defining specific goals. This is the first year where I don’t have a full time job. I quit to pursue art. I’m proud of achieving this life milestone and taking the leap into the unknown.… View More

Big Changes Are Coming

Apr 7, 2019(edit)

I’m quitting my job to devote more time to my art. I’ve been thinking about quitting, and it’s finally happening. I saved enough money that I don’t have to worry. I did a lot of financial modelling (like this retirement calculator for artists) to make sure that I would be ok.… View More

2018 Non-Goals

Jan 31, 2018(edit)

Last year I set out art related goals that I didn’t meet. I only met one of them. Goals just doesn’t work for me. I set a goal, specify concrete tasks on how I’m going to meet them, establish a schedule, and thenäó_I don’t do them. Maybe my goals are too long term. I can’t sustain the momentum… View More

2017 Year End Review

Dec 31, 2017(edit)

So at the beginning of the year, I set out goals that I wanted to complete by year end. How did I do? 1. Finish Part III of A Million Suns by December 31 2. Double my Newsletter Subscribers by December 31, 2017 3. Exhibit in 3 Group Shows Finish Part III of A Million Suns by December 31 I… View More

What I Would Have Done Differently To Become An Artist

Aug 18, 2017(edit)

There is a Star Trek TNG episode that I remember, where a man had the ability to change the timeline of the universe. His entire race died from some cataclysm and he was the only survivor. He was trying to save his people by altering the timeline. What would you change in your past to alter your… View More

Retiring Early To Do Art Full Time

Aug 11, 2017(edit)

So recently, I got obsessed with FIRE. Do you know what that is? It stands for Financial Independence Retiring Early. I’m not sure how I got into this topic, but it had something to do with looking at my new artwork for the past six months and writing that mid-year review blog post.… View More

Mid Year Review 2017

Jul 5, 2017(edit)

How about you? How are you doing with your goals?… View More

Perseverance is Key: Q1 Progress Review

Mar 28, 2017(edit)

I’m on track for goal 1 (which is the most important). I’m behind on goals 2 and 3. So for Q2, I need to maintain progress on goal 1 and come up with a plan for goals 2 and 3. Hopefully, when mid-year evaluation comes around June 30, I will see an improvement. It’s Your turn How are you… View More

Struggling To Define Your Goals? Try Your Unconscious

Jan 31, 2017(edit)

If you are still struggling with setting some goals for this year, because you can’t think of any, why not try your Unconscious? Your Unconscious already knows what you want to be. You just need to find a bridge between the two realms: the Conscious and the Unconscious. Until you make the… View More

Losing Your Way on Goals Already? How to Get Back On Track

Jan 22, 2017(edit)

With goals defined, how do I ensure that I’ll stick to them this year? I’m trying out 3 strategiesäóîbased on observation of my behavior from last year. For 2017, I will track time create habits, and just start. Tracking Time Gives Insight I started tracking my hours at work last year… View More

Big Picture Goals For 2017

Jan 16, 2017(edit)

After last week’s 2016 review assessment, I knew that I had to make a number of changes. I needed my goals to be SMARTer, simpler, and tighter. I wanted to focus on only my Top 3 goals. I also realized I had the tendency of being äóìin the forestäóù and äóìin the weeds.äóù I needed to… View More

2016 Mid Year Review Report Card

Jul 17, 2016(edit)

This might be a good time for a mid-year review. I do this for work so I thought I’d do it for my art. It’ll give me enough time to course correct in the next 6 months. Also, public accountability is good. At the beginning of the year, I set the following goals: Do 4 photoshoots/per monthComplete… View More

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