The 5 Second Rule

Jun 11, 2018(edit)

My latest experiment involves Habitica. It is a productivity app that is a role playing game. When you complete habits, daily tasks, and to-dos, you get points and progress through level–just like in a video game. You could also join groups (called guilds) and play together… View More

2018 Non-Goals

Jan 31, 2018(edit)

Last year I set out art related goals that I didn’t meet. I only met one of them. Goals just doesn’t work for me. I set a goal, specify concrete tasks on how I’m going to meet them, establish a schedule, and thenäó_I don’t do them. Maybe my goals are too long term. I can’t sustain the momentum… View More

Losing Your Way on Goals Already? How to Get Back On Track

Jan 22, 2017(edit)

With goals defined, how do I ensure that I’ll stick to them this year? I’m trying out 3 strategiesäóîbased on observation of my behavior from last year. For 2017, I will track time create habits, and just start. Tracking Time Gives Insight I started tracking my hours at work last year… View More

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