Errors and Art

May 29, 2018(edit)

Admitting that you are wrong is hard. That happened at my day job this week. I was working on an analysis, finalized, and circulated it. A week later, someone pointed out an error. A huge error. My analysis was reviewed by multiple people, but the error still got through. I felt really really bad.… View More

Chinese Art, Two Museums

Dec 12, 2017(edit)

I was in New York for a day trip this past weekend to check out the Fuji GFX medium format camera. I’ve been obsessed with this camera for weeks, so I wanted to see how it actually felt in my hands. It fit perfectly. I think a GFX is in my near future.… View More

Perfect In Its Imperfections

Jun 28, 2017(edit)

I just finished reading Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. I loved it. One thing that I had to get used to though, as I was reading the book, was the language. It was so dense and convoluted. The language reminded me of one of my photographic influences, Julia Margaret… View More

UFOs and Carl Jung

Jul 11, 2016(edit)

“You should stop tweeting quotes from Carl Jung,” my partner says to me this past weekend. “Why?” I ask. “I think it’s great. My work is about self-discovery, so it’s fine to tweet about what I’m learning right now.” “Still, nobody’s interested in that. Do something else.” I sometimes wish that I took liberal arts courses in university. Then I wouldn’t have to learn about Carl Jung later in life. I would already know these things. But I was too focused on things that were practical then. Like accounting… View More

An Infinity Within The Finite

Jun 25, 2016(edit)

Infinity is a concept that fascinates me. It fascinates a lot of people too. Publisher Blue Mitchell titled the newest Diffusion Magazine Lemniscate which is a symbol for infinity. Maria Popova of recently posted an article Infinity and Me: An Illustrated Parable at the Meeting Point of Science, Philosophy, and Love Converge.View More

Art and Its Relationship to Life

Mar 22, 2016(edit)

If there is one artist that I would love to be when I äóìgrow up,äóù it’s Robert Adams. Born in 1937, he is a photographer well-known for his work during the 1970s on the American West. He was an English teacher before he became a photographer. I identify with him because he started in one… View More

Sex and Cash Theory

Mar 7, 2016(edit)

Here’s another article that has greatly influenced my work and thinking. This one is from Hugh McLeod, elegantly titled the Sex and Cash Theory. I’ve shared this idea since 2012 after reading Hugh McLeod’s book, Ignore Everybody; and 39 Other Keys to Creativity (affiliate link). It has a lot of staying power.… View More

On Specialization in Art

Feb 29, 2016(edit)

For the next couple of blog posts, I will highlight articles and books that have influenced my artistic practice. I read Mark Hobson’s article, Just Do It in 2006—way before I had any idea that photography would become a very large commitment in my life.… View More

John Dugdale Interview

Oct 6, 2014(edit)

Following Jeff Koon’s article last week, I remembered an interview that I did in 2010 with John Dugdale for an MFA assignment. John Dugdale is a huge influence. He was the catalyst for me trying out cyanotype, the 19th century printing process that produces a blue print. Reading this… View More

That David Hockney Painting (Or How I Ended Up Doing Collage)

Jul 21, 2014(edit)

I kept seeing David Hockney the past two weeks: first, in the Departures magazine cover for July/August; second, as I was hunting for a book to bring to the beach; and third, in a poster at a bed & breakfast place in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware! In honor of these coincidences, I decided to write… View More

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