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Why Do Art When You Already Have A Day Job?

Apr 25, 2017(edit)

The short answer is that whatever art, hobby, or side project you pursue will improve your day job performance and satisfaction. I know it will, because it’s happening to me. And that took me by surprise. The Turn in The Road I’ve been an accountant for 25 years and a little over a decade ago, I… View More

How To Be A Star At Work

Mar 15, 2017(edit)

In my late 20s, I read How To be A Star At Work, 9 Breakthrough Strategies You Need to Succeed by Robert Kelley. I was a tax accountant at an accounting firm and wanted to be a successful. At that time, ultimate success meant becoming a äóìtax partner.” That meant that you became a part owner… View More

Why Quitting Your Day Job Is Not The Answer When Making Art

Jun 22, 2015(edit)

“I’m quitting my job,” a friend recently announced. “I want to go to grad school and do art.” Should he quit or not? I faced this exact question when I started my MFA. I’m exactly one year out from graduation, and my advice to him was an emphatic no. I have three reasons. Minimize financial… View More

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