This Too Shall Pass

Mar 16, 2020 / The Twelve Mysteries / carl jung

Surreal image of sky with cloud being split into two as it begins to rain
Cloudburst. Collaged & Toned Cyanotype Print, 2015. 13 x 17in. Limited edition of 12 (Variable).

I was going to post a continuation of my cyanotype process series today, but that can wait till a later time.

The sky is falling. It was swift. As recent as Monday, March 9, everything seemed manageable. Yes, it was already serious: Italy was on lockdown, things were exploding in Europe, and the stock market was like a yo-yo (more down than up). We knew that it would get much much worse before it would get better.

But then the stock market crashed on Thursday.

Images of travelers jam-packed like sardines in the airports started circulating on Sunday.

Despite the guidance from government officials about social distancing, people were still going to bars and going on Spring Break!

I get that most people will go through this ok. If they get infected, the virus will pass through them just like the flu,  It is important to point out that people still die from the flu. and so really it’s not a big deal.

But what if they unknowingly infect their parents and their grandparents?

What if they infect a friend, who then infects her parents and grandparents?

Since the virus is more lethal to older people, they will likely have to go to the hospital, which may not have any beds left.

What then? It’s scary to think about the ramifications.

People and Their Shadow

It makes me think of people who despite knowing the risks of death, still continue to do something bad. Smokers who smoke. Alcoholics who drink. People hooking up without a condom. We could even look at less extreme examples. Diabetics and desserts. Obese people and buffets. Drivers and seatbelts. In each of these examples, defying the rules only impacts their own life. While not ok, they are only damaging themselves.

Not so with coronavirus. In this instance, defying the rules impacts other people’s lives. It’s completely irresponsible.

Two weeks of social distancing is not that long. It would help flatten this pandemic curve such that we don’t overwhelm hospitals. We’ll save the most vulnerable people who will get really sick from this virus.

The world seems to be ending, but we know it is not. We will get through the peak and emerge on the other side. The sooner we all stay home, the sooner this will come to pass.

Stay home. Two weeks of social distancing is not that long.

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