Cyanotype Art

surreal man cutting a portal through wall. metaphor for deep questions to ask yourself about life meaning and confronting your jung shadow

The Unseen

Viruses can’t be seen, but their damage to lives is undeniable. This work-in-progress is a visual response to two viruses that surfaced in 2020.

Man holding a globe containing the night sky and stars on his shoulders metaphor for man's search for meaning & purpose in life

I. Out of the Blue

An accountant discovers a crack in reality that sends him to the ends of the earth so he can face what his life may or may not be. So begins Part I of A Million Suns story.

Adult business man with glasses facing himself as a young boy with swimming goggles

II. One Day

What happens in a boy’s life in One Day? A whole lot of things—if you ask this four-year-old boy. The adventure continues in Part II of A Million Suns Trilogy.

diptych of man with book covering his face and night sky full of stars


Every person has a story to tell. What is yours?

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Three Rational Reasons to Believe in Synchronicity (synchronicity, carl jung)

I have great news to share in this blog post!

The image above won the GRAND PRIZE in the New York Center for Photographic Art (NYC4PA) competition!

You won’t believe it, but I was not going to submit to this competition. Thanks to synchronicity, I ended up submitting right at the deadline!

Have you experienced synchronicities (“meaningful coincidences”) but ignored them because it’s too irrational and out there? Then you’re a synchronicity skeptic! For many years, I was skeptical of Jung’s idea too. But what if there are rational ways to justify the belief in synchronicity? You might be amazed at how mysterious your life is!

What is a Cyanotype? (cyanotype process)

When I show my artwork to friends and people who’ve never seen antique photographs, this question is usually the first they ask: what is a cyanotype?

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