I’m driven by the notion that the person’s future work is already embedded in their past work.

Our job then, professionally and personally, is to look at our past work and find that vein of gold and mine it. Our future work has always been there, waiting.

These cyanotypes represent a time capsule of 27 artworks created during 2010 - 2011 when I started my artist journey. I slowly realized that there might be something in the images, but that something I couldn’t fully articulate.

If my supposition is true, then this artwork already shows the themes, motifs, and stories I will explore in the future.

Every person has one story to tell. What is yours?

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The Dream That Changed My Life (carl jung, dream analysis)

Could a dream foretell the future?

If you asked me a year ago, I would have said, “No, it can’t. That’s crazy.” But I had a dream on August 6, 2020, that changed my life. It’s hyperbolic but true!

I quit my 25-year accounting career in October 2019 to become a full-time artist. I was finally going to devote more time to art. But then that pesky COVID pandemic invaded the world, and like everyone, I tried to make the best of it. I started shooting The Unseen photo project, writing on my blog, and selling cyanotype prints through my online store. I didn’t know where any of these would lead, but I was willing to find out. Life had other plans, however.

In this article, I show how I analyze my dream using Jungian dream analysis so you can interpret your dreams too. If you pay attention, your dreams may be telling you something about your future!

But first, the dream.

Archaeology (infinity)

I just posted an art project entitled Archaeology. I’m intrigued by the idea that everyone has one story to tell, and that he tells this story over and over again in many different variations in future work. Photographer Gregory Crewdson said this in an interview once,

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