surreal man cutting a portal through wall. metaphor for deep questions to ask yourself about life meaning and confronting your jung shadow

The Portal

cyanotype on paper, 2020. Two print sizes. © Jonah Calinawan

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Evolution of this Cyanotype Print

The first version of this image was shot nine years ago on September 14, 2011. You could say this image was developing since then! The instant I read Arundhati Roy’s essay, The Pandemic is a Portal, published in April 2020, this forgotten image popped up in my mind. Subscribe and access the first version of this image plus a short writeup of its evolution.

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The One Deep Question to Ask Yourself Before the Pandemic is Over (Joseph Campbell)

Like you, I long for the days before February.

“I just want to return to normal.”

“But would you want to return to normal?” one Facebook friend asked.

I thought about this for days afterward. 

I don’t have it all figured out, but I would like to share a story of how I arrived at an answer through the writings of three wise people.

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