All cyanotype images are for sale and available for licensing. Browse all cyanotypes or use the search bar below. Each image has a PayPal buy a print link and a license link.

Buying a Cyanotype Print

All the cyanotype prints are personally printed by me. Once payment is received, it will generally take 1-3 days to print your order (depending on what is happening in the studio). I will email you a USPS tracking number once I ship your print.

cyanotype Jonah Calinawan


Cyanotype prints come in small and large print sizes (small prints shown above). Both are limited editions of 12. Once they are sold, no other prints will be made. Print prices are tiered, meaning that as the print sells out, the price increases. Clicking the “buy a print” link will show you the final price and print sizes available for that specific image. The price includes taxes and shipping.

Licensing a Cyanotype

If you want to use a cyanotype image for any purpose such as in a textbook, a magazine, an advertising campaign, an internet website, a multimedia PowerPoint presentation, or any other type of media, click on the “License image” link underneath an image to complete a license fee quote form. I will reply within 24 hours with a fee quote based on your intended usage.

Image Delivery

Images will be available for download from this website within 24 hours of confirmed payment through Paypal, bank transfer, or check. You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal. 

License Fee

Pricing is based on how the image will be used (e.g. purpose, placement, size, duration, print run, etc.). That is why the license form that will appear after you have selected an image will ask detailed questions.

Special Pricing for Internet and Powerpoint Use

Licensing for internet usage and PowerPoint presentations are generally about $45 USD per image per 6-month duration period. In a small number of situations, the fee may be higher depending on size and placement. This special pricing for internet and PowerPoint use only applies if you agree to include a photo credit to “” in the web page or PowerPoint slide. For web pages, the photo credit must use a follow link to “”

Contact Me for Questions! Thank You.

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